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saya ketagih porno!

"akak, i'm getting addicted to pornography."
my heart stopped beating a second. i just could not utter a word. istighfar istighfar. I tried to calm myself first.
"since when.. adik?" trying to understand her.
"i dont know, its just happened. and yes, i'm ashamed of myself. of my clothes. of everyone. of Rasulullah. of Allah. i just felt that, i dont deserve a life." and she started to cry.
my tears fell. i quickly shed my tears and hugged her. "istighfar dik.. istighfar.." and she cried a river till she fell asleep.

"heyya princess. dah ready nak open up?"
"adik malu."
"siapa je yang tak malu, bila buat dosa. akak tak paksa, tapi kalau adik dah ready, my ears is all yours." sengih.
"it first happened when my friend suggest me to watch a Korean Movie. mmg la its JUST a movie. but the scene at times, is too much. mula2, adik skip part yang ada scene mengarut tu. tapi lama2, nafsu kak. nafsu.&…